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My final CC speech for toastmasters - on how to finish CC by playing smart

Toastmasters should be banned

Trying reverse psychology to promote toastmasters. Conviction by contradiction.

American Culture

Table topics questions used at a themed meeting around the american culture.

Think this November

This November before going onto shop, think about the repercussions of your actions.

Weird Situations in life

Table topics questions used at a themed meeting around weird situations in life.

Easy Deep Learning Part X

The best models have some real clever tricks to get through the last mile. They are worth learning.

Easy Deep Learning Part IX

The real power of deep learning is reuse - Stand on the shoulder of giants.

Easy Deep Learning Part VIII

Using CovNets in Keras is as easy as it gets. This post shows some sample code.

The gooey stuff inside of your head

Deep learning as a speech for toastmasters.The very basics for the very simple.