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Easy Deep Learning Part VII

CovNets and local information can really make results better. Simple Problem - Simple Solution.

Easy Deep Learning Part VI

Defaults are good, but playing with them can eek out the next 2% that we are looking for.

Easy Deep Learning Part V

Lets make the network actually deeper. Understand how the maths changes - Or does it?

Easy Deep Learning Part IV

Time for some action. Our first deep learning model - handwriting recognition

Easy Deep Learning Part III

Complete our model by going into training and backtracking.


If you really love free stuff this one is for you. I share an experience of a free health checkup.

Easy Deep Learning Part II

Continue the deep learning discussion with focus on completing the intuition.

Easy Deep Learning Part I

Understand deep learning starting with high school mathematics.

Indian Schooling

When Queen Victoria set up schools in India she didn’t realize what a chain reaction she triggered.